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  • I believe bonuses are considered "supplemental income" and subject to the federal tax rate of 25%. Social security/medical and applicable state taxes also would be withheld. Check out IRS Publication 15 at www.irs.gov. It lays out all the stipulati…
  • Many businesses now have an auto-reply feature to electronic submissions.  That way you at least know your resume/application has been received for processing/review.  They also have a similar feature that allows for notifying applicants when the po…
  • Agree with TXHR - If FT is 30+ hrs this individual should accrue at FT rate. Our PTO accrual is for FT only (30+ hrs). PT employess do not receive this benefit.  Holiday pay: FT (30+ hrs) receive full days pay. PT employees holiday pay is based on h…
  • Do you have a relocation policy?  Hopefully so and it should have verbiage concerning an employee leaving for any reason within a designated timeframe - reimbursement (pro-rated).  Anything at all in writing?
  • Total agreement that the phone calls checking on the status of a job can get annoying/frustrating.  I respond that a decision has not been made and that everyone will be contacted as soon as a decision is made.  Rejection letters go out to everyone …
  • Thankfully we're not in this situation - at least not yet.  The info (and the humor) is greatly appreciated for future reference.
  • This is incredible and frightening.  I hope it all works out for you.  I'm new to this site and mostly reading.  The information provided here is invaluable. 
  • Our Alaska office actually closed for a snow day about a month ago.  (Yes, it took a considerable amount of snow and ice to close things down).  We paid all employees (exempt and nonexempt) for 8 hours.  Although we don't have a policy on this we fe…
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