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  • I've reviewed 541.118 and 602 and understand that pay cannot be deducted for jury duty of less than a full week. If we have a bona fide personal leave policy in place, what prevents us from declaring that any time served on jury duty will be conside…
  • Thank you for providing the reference in the regulation...that's exactly what I needed!
  • His intent to return was expressed in writing. Thank you both for your assistance! You've been a big help.
  • We have a similar situation that I thought was acceptable but maybe not. Exempt employee wants to take extended vacation, and time requested will exceed his available PTO hours. Why can't we simply allow this as leave without pay as long as the pay …
  • Thank you SFBay. I appreciate your detailed response.
  • We allow exempts and non-exempts to go up to 24 hrs. in the hole for emergencies (and have not yet run into the situation of needing it paid back) and beyond that, it's considered leave without pay regardless of whether the employee is exempt or not…
  • Thank you TXHRGuy for the very thorough explanation. I now have a much better understanding of areas to review. I appreciate your time!
  • TXHRGuy,  1. To reword: negative balances are not generally permitted but may be approved for emergencies. If a salaried ee doesn't work for an entire week and is out of PTO, they would take leave without pay. If a salaried ee works 82 of an 88 hr p…
  • My apologies for the late response. Somehow my account was restricted, then time got away from me.  I appreciate all feedback and will incorporate your suggestions in a proposed policy revision.
  • A similar question with a different twist...what if 95% of our staff are salaried, exempt yet occasionally we pay one of them overtime? Never everyone and never consistently? Is this a problem? We're a govt. contractor and there are times that the p…
  • Thank you sending this document. I will forward it on.
  • Thank you for the feedback!
  • I have not yet checked out the CA site, but presume this applies to EEs as well as NEs?? Thank you for this detail.
  • Both. All states, but CA is my driver for most policies. Company policy allows a negative balance.  I think I found it in 541.118(c) which allows for a different final paycheck for reduced hours of work as the only option. Reducing for anything else…
  • Our company has two reimbursement levels based on amount of use and manager approval...$50 or $100 per month. There is no tracking on the usage. This could allow reimbursement over the actual cost, so your baselines will be according to your toleran…
  • Thank you for your feedback!
  • TXHRGuy, Thank you for the clarification. We are working the benefits side and just wanted to make sure official wording wasn't an issue.    
  • If I understand the opinion letter, you can deduct incrementally from a positive PTO balance. If the balance is negative and the absense is less than a day, full salary must be paid. Is a policy allowing an employee to "go in the hole" on their PTO …