Joan S. Farrell, JD, is a Senior Legal Editor for BLR’s human resources and employment law publications. Ms. Farrell has over 10 years’ combined experience in employment law and human resources management. She worked as in-house counsel for an employer that had subsidiaries in several states. Her experience includes representing management in administrative matters and discrimination claims, and providing counseling on employment practices. Ms. Farrell received her law degree from Pace University School of Law.


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  • It’s not mandatory for an employer to include a section on transgender bathroom access in its policy against harassment/discrimination.  If you choose to include the information, the samples below may be helpful.  As you can see from the samples,…
  • The logical placement for the policy will depend in part on how the handbook is organized, but generally, the policy can be placed in the same section as the employer’s policies against discrimination and harassment.
  • To avoid claims of discrimination and harassment, employers should enforce their policies fairly and consistently.  It is unlawful discrimination for an employer to hold an employee who is in a protected group to a higher standard than similarly …