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  • Well my last name is Tribble and if any of you are Star Trek fans then you are aware that Tribbles are these little creatures that multiple.... Well one day I came to work and my desk was covered with these little orange fuzzies which were suppose …
    in Office Pranks Comment by gab August 2003
  • Once I received several pictures of a woman with several differnt outfits with one being in a bathing suit. She was wanting a flight attendant position which we do not offer at our company.
  • My email address is [email][/email] Thanks! Gabrielle
  • I have some samples of supervisor evaluations. If you send me your fax number to my email address ( I will be glad to send them to you. Gabrielle
  • The problem just depends on how long it takes them to finish the painting of the inside. It might take a few days. I don't have a doctor's note because it just happened this morning and I told her that she would need to get a note from her doctor.…
    in exempt pay Comment by gab October 2003
  • Never mind...we have decided we are going to give it to him.
    in per diem Comment by gab August 2003
  • I am in Florida. No, you do not pay OT per day.
  • I have found some information that shift trades are exempt from overtime. It seems that most of what I have found is for public employers so I just don't know if it is only public employers and not private employers. I am still looking.
    in no overtime? Comment by gab June 2003
  • We didn't have much success with signing up a lot of employees, probably 10 out of 130. I had one employee who got a speeding ticket and the lawyer from prepaid services did not show up for her court date. Needless to say, she cancelled it immedia…
  • What is the difference between the 2 notices you have now? I send only send one notice to employees who qualify for COBRA.
  • We are a FBO (fixed base operator) with 3 locations for a total of 110 employees - mostly non-exempt. We offer 2 health plans HMO & PPO. Company pays 75% of single coverage and employee pays the rest plus dependents. Employer pays $20,000 lif…
  • Most of our employees are concerned with the 401k plan. However, they have been concerned with that even before the events that took place. We try to make them understand that the 401K is money to invest for the long run - not just one or two year…
  • I'm in Florida too. The employee had 30 days to report the claim. There are few circumstances like the employer knew, the injury could not be identified as work-related, but notifies the employer within 30 days of the medical opinion, the employee…
  • We want to deal with the situation head on which is what we are doing, but the problem goes deeper with attendance issues, etc... Which now being pregnant we have to be careful with her attendance problems may be related. Part of the reason we wan…
  • Thanks for the input. It is a somewhat long story, but to sum it up. This ee is pregnant & we have been having problems with her before the pregnancy. She has a major attitude problem & treats many people even her boss with disrespect. It…
  • Thanks - I just did not want to feel like I am putting the company in jeopardy by not doing anything.
  • We are defined by the FAA so mechanics and flight crews are subjected to safety sensitive. However, we have random testing for everyone the only exception is safety sensitive gets tested for alcohol.
  • You have a good point, but we have had previous accidents that had caused damaged and during the accident was due to negligence or not having proper safety equipment and have been suspended, but did not lose their job so he should not be afraid. Th…
  • We have Blue Cross Blue Shield in Florida. We have 2 different plans: HMO & PPO. We were very fortunate to only have of 5% increase. HMO: Single $213.76; Family $654.13 PPO: Single $243.20; Family $878.19
    in Insurance poll Comment by gab June 2003
  • Well we are a unique situation. We are a FBO which is a fixed base operator. Basically we fuel private and corporate aircraft. We have four locations - 2 out of the four are at international airports. As part of the airport and the FAA, our empl…
  • oops I misspelled the website [url][/url]
  • I just received today a seminar workshop called How to Conduct an Internal Investigation. The website is [url][/url] and the phone number is 800-942-4494.
  • We have employee go through training during orientation as well as sign a consent form when they get pre-employment tested which includes the following statements: I understand that there is a random testing program in place and that I may be teste…
    in Drug-Testing Comment by gab August 2002
  • $.34 per mile.
  • I have been in HR for 5 years. I have worked for 2 companies. I have a BS in Psychology and my Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
    in HR Poll Comment by gab July 2002
  • SDB = Small Disavantage Business WOB= Women Owned Business I'm not sure about the others. I hope this helps!
  • Well it depends, do you offer a 401k plan and is that person enrolled? If so, they will need information about withdrawing their money. Depending on your state, you might have to give them a separation notice. You also want to make sure to get ba…
    in Layoff Comment by gab November 2001
  • 1 year - 1 week 2 - 6 years - 2 weeks 7 years - 3 weeks You are not allowed to use vacation until you have been here a year. You are allowed to carry over if you do not use all of it.
  • I hand out the information during new hire orientation and make them initial that the information was gone over. Also, we have the panel of doctors listed on an employee bulletin board.
  • Do you not pay for breaks?