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  • Bye Chari. It was nice meeting you and thanks for sharing with all of us! Rockie
  • Just one more post. I have been out for a couple of weeks and missed a lot of this bru ha ha. Anyway...I DID notice that the Forum has lost its "verve" and the postings are getting to be "plain-vanilla". Personally, I enjoy hearing different id…
  • Paul: Believe it or not, just staying away from fast foods will make a tremendous different in your cholesterol. Being a vegetarian in the South is like being from another planet, but I manage to survive. We have several good mid-eastern restau…
  • Thanks for this one. I will try to this weekend. It's good to get recipes that a "non-carnivore" like myself can enjoy.
  • And don't forget "fornicate"
  • >We called 'em Bad Ass Watermelons. Pretty much any alcohol will do, >but I like the vodka bes. Bes?....Have you already been in the melon????
  • Hey Don: I tried these on my husband and he raved about them. I don't eat meat, so I will take his word for it...but I enjoyed drinking from the bottled propane. I especially loved following your detailed measurement instructions "Grab up a small…
  • We have looked at several options with our employees. Unfortunately, our practice runs five days a week and we have more patients that we can schedule. We cannot close one day a week, even with extending hours. If we allow some departments to wor…
  • Any place that takes me longer to check out than it does to shop...I try to avoid like the plague. This includes Walmart and SAMS Club. I hate the atmosphere in both of them. Junk piled in the aisles and on top of the shelves. Kids in these massi…
  • OK. I'll bite. I don't know how bad Mississippi really is, but in South Carolina, we always say "Thank God for Mississippi!!" Otherwise, we'd be in dead last place in a lot of areas instead of second from the bottom!
  • If Americans can accept an adultering, fornicating President, why can't they accept Mel's shortcomings? (I don't agree with him at all, but many people make a butt out of themselves when they are drunk).
    in Mel Gibson Comment by Rockie August 2006
  • No, Larry, what would really be ironic if he named the dog Mary Jo. (Sorry....)
    in Splash Comment by Rockie January 2006
  • I believe if you are seeking a professional position,then you should keep all your contact information as professional as possible. I would have second thoughts (at least in my own mind) about people who display these type of email addresses. What…
  • We encourage all employees to get flu shots and we provide them on site (we are a medical practice) at no charge.
    in Flu Shots Comment by Rockie October 2005
  • Here, here Don! Well said. I could not, for one minute, believe that Lance Armstrong would deliberately put anything toxic in his body after he literally came back from death's door with advanced cancer. Just because the French hygiene is quest…
  • Thoughts and prayers are with you Don. Glad you and yours came thru without any injuries. I can relate to what you are going through. I lived thru Hugo and the aftermath (all the things you describe) are just as bad (or worse) than the actual st…
    in Katrina Comment by Rockie August 2005
  • Very good points from everyone. I have been in HR for a number of years and have seen so many changes and opportunities. If I was beginning my career in HR, I'd get a dual degree in Human Resources/Law. We truly do practice law without a degree (d…
  • I would definitely send out a memo stating that someone on the inside of the organization is providing information to a former employee who is under investigation for harassing behavior. If the insider is "found out", they will be terminated and tu…
  • I'll be on my way to Georgia to pick up two new Yorkie puppies. I'll spend the weekend with my new furkids!
  • Given Tom's "performance" on Oprah, maybe he should consider getting himself some Paxil.
  • I'll have to agree with Rita on this one. I was holding my mother in law's hand when she died of this horrible disease and it was directly tied to her chain smoking of many, many years. She could not give it up - she actually smoked the day she wa…
    in Ex Smokers? Comment by Rockie April 2005
  • >Don, you've got it backwards; spare the cat and >shoot the owners. Amen Whirlwind! It's the fault of irresponsible owners, not the cats that have allowed this to happen. I'm more of a DOG person, but love all animals. I can't see pu…
    in Feral Cats Comment by Rockie April 2005
  • I read somewhere that the first time Camilla met Charles she said something to the effect of "My great grandmother and your great grandfather had an affair. How about it?" Ah....true love!
  • >I kind of agree with dchr. I just hope those 2 >can't/don't have any kids together, can you >imagine//// th-down I think Camilla is past that age now, thankfully.
  • >I heard his mother has opted to go to the horse >races. I'm holding out hope that she'll get >loose from her handlers and wander onto the >track. x:-) Hey Don! She might win the race.
  • Hey, Hunter! I've heard of this also. As long as the relatives don't do what they do with price stickers in the stores - switch them!
  • >Rockie: Please remember to put me down for that >Garnet & Onyx ring in your jewelry box. Sure thing, Don. I also have a couple of empty bottles with your name on them!
  • My husband and I, several years ago, when we updated our wills made out durable powers of attorney and living wills. We also made known to each other (in writing) what our wishes will be pertaining to our funerals. Also, anything in particular t…
  • No matter what the differences were in the family, it takes an evil, hard-hearted person to deny the family the right to be with her when she finally passed away. You've got to wonder why this man hung on to what he considered a vegetable, got invo…
  • Larry...this is his job.