Non-Exempt Holiday Pay

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I am looking for guidance for the following situation.  Good Friday is considered a corporate holiday.  We have a plant in which there are non-exempt employees whose regular work schedule is M-TH 10hrs/day.  Since they are not scheduled for Fridays, they are not paid Holiday time for Good Friday.  This year, we needed one of the employees to come in on Friday for a few hours to help with a shipment.  She worked 1.82 hours that day.  During her regular M-Th shift, she worked 40 reg hours and 5.55 OT hours.

 The manager is insistent that she should be paid a full day for Friday (which would be double time and a half since it's a holiday).  I feel that she should be paid "Holiday Pay" only for the hours that she worked on that day.  

Does anyone have any insight on this?




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  • Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you are only required to pay a non-exempt employee for the hours worked, at the applicable rate (overtime rate in this situation).

    However, there may be a state minimum hours requirement, depending on where you are located.

    Additionally, there may be some policy, practice, contract, or collective bargaining agreement that provides otherwise (as long as the policy, practice, or agreement would provide at least as much compensation as required by law).

    Without knowing your state, policies, practices, contracts, or CBA status, I don't think we can say much more: ask the manager why he thinks the non-exempt employee is entitled to a full day's pay?

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