Returning to HR

I graduated with a degree in HR in 2010, with 2 years of experience in OD.  I enjoyed HR but have an interest in helping children, so I changed the direction of my career.  I then went to get a degree in Elementary Education.  I am currently a teacher.  However, I prefer being in HR and would like to return but have not worked in HR since 2010.  My ideal job would be to work in the HR department of a school district.  Any suggestions of what steps I can take from here?


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  • One option would be to try to move into administration and then try to move into HR once you are already on the admin side of the wall.


    Another would be to just start looking for HR jobs in school districts.

  • I would suggest starting to volunteer for student organizations.  My local SHRM Chapter asks for HR folks to conduct mock interviewing for HS students a different times throughout the year.  This would be a good way to get back into HR a bit and help kids at the same time.  It will also be a great place to network with HR and educators.
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