Can you pay an exempt employee on an Hourly basis in Connecticut?

We are hiring a new part-time employee at the rate of pay as $25 per hour.  I have identified this person as falling under a professional exemption for OT.  Can you pay an exempt employee in CT based on number of hours worked per day/week or does it have to be a set dollar amount per week?


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  • You can always pay an exempt employee on an hourly basis. Bill Gates at Microsoft could be paid hourly. The exemption is just exemption IF the employer wants to use it. It is not a requirement that MUST be used.

     If you do pay hourly, however, you must follow the overtime rules that come into play.  Usually it is to the employer's advantage to claim the exemption (easier to track/pay and deal with benefits that are tied to pay).  However, if the salary basis for the exemption per week is more than this employee would work than the employer is smart to go with hourly and generally it will be what the PT ee wants, because then they do go over normal hours, get paid more.

    What is not suggested is changing too often back and forth between exempt and non-exempt because then it looks like the employer is trying to work the system to their own advantage.

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