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I've only been in my position as HR for a few months and already my bosses are informing me that I need to update employee I9 forms. I've notice there are certain employee forms that were dated 2003. My questions is when the employee fills out a new form, do they write the current date in section 1 or do they write the date they were hired? Also, should we keep their previous I9 form on file?


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  • I would talk to your bosses a little more before beginning this project. Please see the reverification guideline below.  Depending on your company size, you may save a lot of time not reverifying unnecessarily.  You are required to hold onto all I9 Forms for either 3 years or 1 year after termination, whichever is longer.


    Employers must update or reverify certain ID documents at or prior to their expiration date. This does not apply to already presented and accepted non-expired US Passports or Permanent Resident Cards when they reach their expiration date, nor to any List B documents, e.g. state driver's licenses and state ID's. The USCIS website, in the Employer section, Employer Bulletins, lists the limited requirements and allowed instances for reverification.

    U.S. citizens: I-9's are valid continuously unless a break of more than a year of employment occurs. International employees on F-1 (student) visas must renew their I-9 each year. Those on H-1B (specialty occupation) or J-1 (exchange visitor) visas must have their I-9 updated each time their visa is renewed.

     Hope this helps!!

  • It should also be added that needless re-verification can be construed as a discriminatory practice.

    My suggestion is that you should review the I-9's, note those employees that have presented documents that do need re-verification, and come up with a system to remind you when that time comes.  I personally like to use the task reminders in Outlook.

  • Agree with the others. Unless you know there are serious problems in your current I-9s, there is no reason to re-certify everyone. 

     There is also an I-9 handbook out of the web....www dot dot pdf...change the dot to an actual dot to get there.

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