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I am an Hr Manager in a 3 star Hotel and i am the first Hr Manager they have ever had since the organization started operating for the past 20 years. Think of that. Everything is backward. So i had to start everything from scratch. Guess what i experience; too hard to implement a change. If at all i want to implement something i have to start with the Directors, General Manger, front line Manager and all the like. This is a battle since i am only alone. As for now i am trying to propose for Directors to seat down and come up with their plan then we start from there. Please help with ideas how i can be successful in this environment.


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  • First off, I wish you the best of luck!!  I started in the exact same position two years ago in a high-volume, fast paced physician's office that was established 35 years ago so I can fully understand and appreciate your frustration.  

    If you are interested, provide me with your email address to continue networking

  • Welcome to the crazy world of HR and Hospitality.  I was you 14 years ago and I know exactly what you are going through.  I was

    an HR assistant in a large medical facility and compared to that I had to take steps backwards.  I would be glad to help you with any issues you may have.

    The only advice I have is to be patient and wait for ownership to gain your trust, along with te managers.  I told them I was a tool to help make their jobs easier.  I have their trust and we have developed many tools.  So just email me at  I oversee 12 hotels and I have dealt with it all.

    Currently I am looking for a social policy,  Fraterization Policy - not sure if I even spelled it correctly.  Employees dating employees and hotel guests.

    Does your hotel have one in thier handbook?  Keep in touch.

  • I saw this article on HospitalityNet by Lizz Chambers and Tommy Beyer that I found very helpful. 


  • It sounds like many of us have been in a position like this over the years, just maybe not in the same industry. I would start with the basics. 

    1.  I-9's = Does the company have them? Are they completed correctly?  Complete them or redo them depending on the answers.

    2.  Personnel files = Do they have these?  If so, do they have the correct information in them? 

    3.  List of employees with job title, department, supervisor, hire date, pay = I have seen organizations that haven't even had this

    4.  Recruiting = If you are looking for new employees, what recruiting sources are being used, are the job ads worded correctly.

    4.  New Hire Orientation = Are they completing all of the required information at the time of hire - I-9, tax forms, emergency information sheets, company policy acknowledgement forms (if they have these)

    5.  Benefits = If you are responsible for benefits, are all the employees that are supposed to have benefits enrolled, are the payroll deductions for benefits accurate, etc.

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