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I am currently updating a job description for an Orthopaedic Physician Assistant (assists in surgery)

I have had no problem with the Heading Information, Summary Objective of the Job, Qualifications, and Job Duties and Responsibilities.  However, I am struggling some with the Special/Physical Demands section.  Since the EEOC does not require job descriptions, how pertinent is having this section in a job description?

Thank you in advance!


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  • To me it is important during the hiring process and helps set standards and expectations. You do have to be careful about using the "with or without reasonable accommodations" so that you don't run afoul ADA. And you do need to vet these to make sure they are truly important.

    It can be pertinent for later ADA/FMLA and/or Workers Compensation issues. It is what we send to the doctor whenever we require an employee to get a doctor's certification for ADA/FMLA or "100% fit for duty"  Without the physical duties listed, it is hard to argue what is and is not a reasonable accommodation. Does this person need to stand to do their job? Do they have to list a specific # of lbs? Etc.

    I have had good luck with speaking to my WC broker and carrier to get help on some specific qualifications in the past. I have also had good luck searching Google. You might have better luck if you search under general PA job descriptions though.


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