Changing an employee's hours of work

Due to a change in volume, we need to alter the schedule our technicians currently work.  This change would include an alteration in days of the week worked as well as number of hours each day.  Is there any issue with doing so?

Some of the employee's who work for us may also have a second job and may not be able to accomodate the change in hours/shifts.  As an employer, what rights do we have to make the changes?

 Thanks for any input you may have on this.


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  • You are able to alter working hours based on business necessity at any time.  This will not be an issue as long as it is handled consistently.  (i.e. Certain protected classes are not the only ones impacted by the change)

     If an employee is unable to accomodate the hours, you will have to hire additional employees and will probably end up having to pay unemployment to those that will not be able to meet the new hour requirements.

  • Thanks for sharing, I didn't realize that it could end up requiring individuals to also cover the unemployment costs if they can't make it work. 
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