Dress Code-Baggy Saggy Pants

I have an employee who "technically" is not in violation of our Dress Code policy but he wears those T-shirts that are EXTRA long with an undershirt and then a button up shirt over that all un-tucked. He also wears pants like 10 sizes to big that are those baggy saggy ones, none of his underwear show because of the 3 un-tucked shirt layers. The problem is we cant have someone dressed like a thug representing our company (he is a field employee), but all his clothes are not torn, no offensive anything, no underwear showing.

I am updating our Dress Code as we speak due to some other issues and will be reissuing, I am just wondering how we can incorporate something that would give us some ground to stand on when asking him to change his dress. I am not looking for a sneaky way to write him up just a little backup when we talk to him.


Thanks again! 


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