Random Drug Testing

Hi does anybody have a copy or sample of a pink slip for random drug testing and or any other information on this topic?


thanks a bunch!



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  • An excerpt from our Employees Responsibility Policy Section 
    Random Testing:

    In compliance with Department of Transportation regulations, all City employees
    whose job duties require them to possess a valid Commercial Driver’s License
    must submit to random drug testing.

    Work groups that have duties which carry great risk to the public or co-workers or
    that work with controlled substances may be included in a program of random
    drug/alcohol testing. In addition, the Department Director with advance written
    approval from the Director of Human Resources may designate a work group for
    inclusion in a program of random drug/alcohol testing.

    A work group will be notified of its designation for random drug/alcohol testing at
    least one month prior to the commencement of random testing. A scientifically
    valid random selection method will be used to designate the employees to be
    tested. Each employee in the work group will have an equal chance of selection at
    all times.

    An individual selected for random testing shall be notified on the same day when
    the test is to occur, preferably, within two hours of the scheduled testing. The
    supervisor shall explain to the employee that the employee is under no suspicion of
    taking drugs and that the employee’s name was selected randomly and escort the
    employee to the testing facility.
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