food-free morale events

My manager has asked me to come up with ideas for some morale events for our employees.  I've been doing some research, and most of the events involve some kind of food (monthly breakfasts cooked by managers, international days, pot luck luncheons, etc.)

We are simultaneously working on an anti-obesity initiative with our healthcare provider, so I don't think we should send mixed messages to our employees.

I've seen some ideas about team athletic events from reality shows, but that wouldn't go over well with our staff.

Do any of you have other food-free ideas?


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  • Why can't you serve healthy food?  You could provide fresh fruit and veggies, salads, etc...  From a Health and Wellness perspective, we host montly trainings by a trainer from the gym we partner with on various exercise and nutrition topics.  It is a brown-bag, but we serve healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, etc and water.  We are about to do our 2nd walking challege too.  You don't have to be athletic to walk for exercise...  Lots of different options like forming teams and counting the total distance, individuals trying to reach 10,000 steps, etc
  • Perhaps an event that built on your health initiative would be appropriate.  I'm guessing from your name that you are in CA.  Sure the weather is good enough there for a cook out.  Grill out healthy foods.  Chicken, vegies........You could possibly tie a game(s) to it for prizes.  There are lots of health statatistics data that you could easily turn into a game.  Your healthcare provider probably already has some.  Or you may just want to keep it simple and do a drawing for, perhaps, a gym membership.  Your healthcare provider would probably help pay for it.

    Just "food" for thought.

  • Offer a "De-Stress" day... bring in lots of different types of tea (and the honey, sugar, and milk to go along with it), then bring in a massage for everyone.  There are lots of places that offer a portable (onsite) chair massage (15 mintues each is all it takes).  Give out relaxation candles or lotions (depending on your workforce gender).  Even the guys like the massage.  Host it as an early morning start to the day - or host it at 3:00 pm as a mid afternoon break. 

     My husband did this with the teachers at his school (he is a VP) and they LOVED it... a huge morale booster during times of pink slips!  And it's not that expensive!

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