Applicant Woes

We have an opening for an administrative assistant to a high level executive who is very demanding.  One of our lower level admins has applied and has the qualifications technically, but she tends to fall apart under pressure.  She has, of course, fabulous performance reviews with no mention of working under pressure because it's a different department/different demands.  Her current supervisor will give her a good recommendation and she's the only internal applicant we have.  I'm afraid she's going to claim age discrimination if we don't hire her.  Any suggestions? 


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  • if her job has no pressure and demands how do you know she "tends to fall apart under pressure"?
  • Why not test your theory.  If you believe her to fall apart under pressure you must have specific examples that make you think as such.  If you have these examples of assignments in which you deemed her to have "fallen apart", have her Supervisor recreate one (time permitting) that will allow her to demostrate to you, effectively, her ability to handle the demands of this new position.  On the job "test".  Personally, anyone seeking a higher level opportunity should, if they truly desire the position, jump at the opportunity to prove they are the person for the job.  If she does not, then perhaps your initial thought is correct and you should seek candidates elsewhere.  I don't think given what you have stated and assuming your hiring practices are legit that you will have a lawsuit on your hands if you can prove why the outside candidate was hired over her (qualifications, experience, etc.).

  • I say give her the chance to prove herself, especially if she is a loyal, long-term employee.  She may surprise you by rising to the challenge, and it is always great for morale when an internal candidate gets a promotion.

    Maybe you should be looking at the behavior of this manager if he or she creates a stressful work environment in the department by being overly demanding.  Is it reasonable--or necessary?

  • If you have an external applicant that already has EA experience, that trump's the internal candidate's recommendation in my view.
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