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Can anyone tell me what score is required to pass the PHR or SPHR exam?  I have been practicing the tests using the learning system and I can't tell if I am on track to test or not.  Thanks!


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  • I believe it to be 70%.  It should be noted in the information you received with the PHR kit.
  • Was wondering how you did -- I just took it -- got a 498 -- need a 500 (out of 700) to pass[8o|]
  • [quote user="6374630"]Was wondering how you did -- I just took it -- got a 498 -- need a 500 (out of 700) to pass[8o|][/quote]

    Like the bar exam, a lot of people fail it on the first try.  I've never taken it but my wife did and she said it was tough (and she has two master's degrees).

  • Wow! I was thinking about taking it this year. This is the first that I heard that it was difficult. I think I'll have to step up my studying.
  • I took the PHR last year and passed my first try (phew!)  There are 2 things that I would highly recommend to help you prepare:  Join a SHRM study group offered through your local SHRM chapter.  Even if you feel confident in the material, it will keep you on track with your personal studying because you don't want to be unprepared for your study group!  Second, I would highly recommend using the HRCI practice tests that you can purchase on as pre-and post tests to gauge how much preparation you need to do and how far you've come.  You can buy a package of 2 tests for $70.  The only negative is that you can't print out the questions or find out which ones you got wrong.  Someone told me to take my time and make notes of any that I was unsure of when I went through the tests.  I found that there was more than enough time to do this.  My co-worker and I both used the practice tests and found that our scores on the real tests were almost exactly what we scored on the practice tests (of course the practice test questions are old questions that are no longer used).  Good Luck!

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