Wellness Program

I would like to start a wellness program.  I would like some information about what has worked and was has not worked.  I would like to concentrate on weight loss and exercise.  I tried to start the Weight Watchers at Work program but was unable to obtain the minimum number of partcipants. My email address is nancy.young@nitco-lift.com


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  • I ran into similar issues when I started up the wellness program with my company.   What worked out well to kick start the program, especially weight loss and exercise was that I contacted a local gym and they offered a corporate rate to our employees.   It wasn't much of a discount but they did waive the enrollment fee if they signed up during a health fair.   The gym came to our office along with other vendors such as a chiropractor and a vitamin sales rep.   The gym coordinated the entire thing and it cost the company no money to do.   The employees came in and several took advantage of not paying the enrollment fee.  They started exercising more often and soon began meeting up with coworkers at the gym to exercise together.   The other thing we did was we bought two inexpensive basketball hoops and set up an inhouse basketball league which  promoted exercise.    Both of these things have had positive impact on our morale and health.
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