Employee Engagement Surveys: The New Trend?

Our company would like to measure employee engagement/ attitudes in our workplace. Has anyone done this? What were the results? If some results were negative, what did you "do" about it?  BLR's has a National Employee Attitude Survey http://compensation.blr.com/neas/  with free results. We are giving it a try. Was curious what others are doing out there -- Thanks!


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  • I definitely think these types of surveys are a good idea. With so much emphasis  lately on employee retention, it's really important to know how your employees feel about their jobs so that your company can make any adjustments and keep good employees.

    I'd say go for it!

  • YES! When given the option of a confidential survey, I think most employers would be surprised by what employees actually think and are willing to divulge. Although it is not fun to get criticized, think of the positive changes an employer can make when it knows what employees REALLY think about their jobs. It is a lot cheaper and effective to keep employees happy than to have them leave and go through the pain and expense of replacing them.


  • lancefan, i didn't realize it was a ongoing survey.  i thought my company missed the boat. i am interested in seeing how our company measures up against other companies. in the past we'd only measure employee satisfaction in our company and judge ourselves based on how we did in the previous survey.

  • I know that this forum started long time ago, but just in case do anyone by any chance have an engagement survey that may share?  The thing is that we apply opinion survey in the company but we would like to know better the focus change that these surveys may have.
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