How do I start supervisors training program?

Just wondering how many people conduct their own supervisors training (hiring, discipline, termination, performance appraisals, harassment, discrimination, etc.). We are weighing the pros and cons of ramping up to conduct our own training, versus hiring an outside training professional.

 Has anyone done a "start from scratch" supervisory training program? If so, what were your resources? How long did it take to get up and running? Any advice on what to do and not to do? Thanks!


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  • I would suggest first doing a training needs analysis. for example, how big is the organization? What federal and state laws apply to your organization? Are there any problem areas (i.e., hiring, performance appraisals, morale)?

    After the analysis, think about your in-house, capabilities. Are there individuals (HR or other management) who have the personality and skills to do the training? Can their time be devoted to developing a training program? I have heard estimates that a good, content rich one-hour training session requires 40 hours to develop. That might be a little much, but I would say a few days, devoted only to the training session development would be required.

     After you have costed out the time and effort to do an in-house training, go outside and see what is there. Try for outside professional trainers, or sit in on a training session conducted by a local professional to see what you'd get. We use outside trainers for upper-level management and in-house HR personnel for new and mid-level supervisors. Seems to work pretty well.  Good luck!

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