Lying to your Boss??

2 Difference Occurrences:

First, the employee called-off, stating she had a fever of 104. Then, was found to be at Six Flags with friends. I don't know about ya'll, but being on a roller-coaster with a fever doesn't sound too fun :(

Second, another employee stated she needed time off to work on her school work, but then was found to be in North Carolina on vacation.

Keep in mind, we have to rearranged schedules and find coverage for our patients when staff do this.

Is there something I can put into place that gives disciplinary action for lying or falsifying call-off reasons?


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  • Ultimately, this is falsifying time sheets. What you do about it depends on how serious you are about employees telling the truth. You can counsel them that the behavior isn't acceptable, document it and put it in their file for future use, go further and suspend them, or you can terminate them. We consider it a termination offence.

    It sounds to me like you may have even bigger issues with your morale. You also may want to look at your leave policies. You may not be being flexible enough with allowing time off. We have installed a PTO policy. It is amazing how much fewer sick days are needed now.

    Good luck!
  • We do have PTO policies, but these ladies are per diem and work sporadic times. Thanks for the advice!
  • We would consider this a terminable offense.
  • We would look at this as falsifying attendance records and could be a terminable offence same as we would for anyone falsifying any company records.
    At a minimum we would have a documented counseling session with the employee(s) just to make sure they know that we know what they did. The employee would be instructed that (if they were allowed to continue employment) this was their one and only get out of jail free card.
    Good luck, Dutch2
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