bad weather and pto

Do you force your exempt employees to use PTO when you close your offices due to bad weather?


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  • I don't think we've ever closed our offices due to bad weather, but our policy states "when operations are officially closed due to emergency conditions, the time off from scheduled work will be paid." And by paid we mean that we will pay them and not take it off their PTO.
  • We do not. In fact due to all the snow during the past couple of weeks, we were closed one day and opened late another. We went ahead and paid all employees including non-exempt for the hours they would have worked had we been open.
  • We give employees option of using PTO or going unpaid for emergency closings, but as of yet, we've never closed for weather, even during massive snowstorms. The joys of working in a city with great public transit.
  • We rarely close but did last month when the governor declared a state emergency and a driving ban which if violated would result in a fine or even jail time. Thank you Governor Patrick!

    We do not require folks to take PTO if we close or have a delayed opening. For our exempts, folks work so many hours, and all have laptops they take home for evening or weekend work, that we assume many will continue to work from home if they are snowed in.
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