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All of a sudden when I open up the various boards in the forums my posts are sorted some way other than most recent post first. I don't recall doing anything to change the default, but can someone direct me to change it back so that posts automatically come up sorted most recent first so I don't have to do it manually every time?




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  • When you open up the board, look across the top for the column titles - Discussion Topic, Author, Date/Time, Replies, Views.

    Click on Date/Time, and it should put them back in that order.

    You may have clicked one of the other titles and everything sorted by that item.
  • Christy, are you saying that if I sort in the manner you suggest, it should retain that sort order once I quit the board and return another time? That hasn't been my experience, but maybe I am accidentally clicking something else along the way.

  • Yes, it should remain that way once you've resorted it. If you've changed it in more than one board, you'll have to fix it in all the boards.

    Are you clicking on any of those links across the top for anything else?

    If you still have trouble, e-mail me at [email][/email] and we can hook up to troubleshoot further.
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