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Who has good information/documents/experience to share from soup to nuts.


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  • >Who has good information/documents/experience to
    >share from soup to nuts.

    Sorry don't have a AAP, but as far as the soup and nuts, check out the HR Sandwich and Other Culinary Delights section. Great soup recipes.
  • What exactly are you looking for HRUSA? I can share some nightmares with you concerning AAPs.
  • Hi. Please share your AAP nightmares.
  • I'll add a question to maybe get the ball started. Has anyone used a consultant to do their AAP? Or an attorney? Any resources to offer to identify a consultant, or national chains that may have offices in MA?

    I've taken a very good course about how to prepare (HRUSA, there may be one in your area) so I have the documents and the protocol, but NO time to do it.
  • Don't really have much to share, but I do use a consultant who is very reasonable and she is in Columbus, OH. She is very well respected in her field by the employment law attorneys that we use. If you'd like her name and #, let me know and I'll be glad to send them on to you.

  • Our "local" OFCCP office was extremely helpful to me. I say "local" because it's in Omaha, 3 hours away. They had me come in and spent a few hours with me, going over lots of details. They made sure I had their contact info when I left, so I could call with questions. Of course, my problem also has been that I haven't "made" enough time to actually sit down and do it.

    Here's the OH info:
    Cleveland District Office
    US Dept. of Labor
    1350 Euclid St.,
    Suite 350
    Cleveland, OH 44114

    Phone: (216) 522-7472
    Fax: (216) 522-8210

    Shelia M. Greer
    Acting District Director

    Columbus District Office
    US Dept. of Labor
    200 North High Street
    Room 409
    Columbus, OH 43215

    Phone: (614) 469-5831
    Fax: (614) 469-6606

    Shelia M. Greer
    Acting District Director

    Looks like Sheila Greer is a busy lady! Anyway, give them a call and see what your tax dollars at work can do for you!
  • For those of you who need an AAP but haven't had time to do it, just hope you don't get that dreaded letter from the OFCCP telling you that they're auditing you. If you do get an audit letter you'd better know what you're doing and have time to do it. We got the letter in late November and are still supplying them with more and more information in March. They are relentless in their request for information. I've been doing our AAP for years and thought I was doing all things right until I got their letter asking for information I had no idea what they were asking for. Fortunately we have a very good consultant who was able to help.

    So...if you need an AAP don't put it off, get it done now before the government comes knocking. It is a lot of work but if you have the basics done you won't have to scurry around at a later time.
  • My AAP is due at the end of the month and I havn't started it yet, ugggg.
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