Are your personnel policies online?

I'm interested in how folks communicate/distribute their personnel policies. Do you hand out hard copies, with or without signatures required? Do you have a downloadable document available online? Do you have a searchable document available online?


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  • We have hardcopies only. Distributed at every change and signatures are required.
  • Our policies are controlled documents. Employees are given hard copies and must sign for them.
    We've also posted them on our intranet, but have placed a watermark on all pages that states they are uncontrolled documents and to check with HR for the latest revision.

  • Hard copies only, signatures required.
  • Yes, our policies are on-line and our intra-net offers searchable features to find the language or policy you might desire.
  • Our Personnel polices and procedures are on-line. Each of our 13 sites has one hard copy. Employees sign a signature page that they have access to the employee handbook. It is kept up dated as needed on line.

  • For those who have policies online, how do you handle the standard language about the policies not being a contract, ER has the right to change at any time, etc., etc.? Is that on the signature page?
  • Our handbook is on our Intranet and when employees go in to access, there is a pop up stating the "not a contract of employment"lingo and they have to click on "accept" before they can go further into the document. There is an audit of who has accessed the handbook on line.

    When a new version is issued, a hard copy of the disclaimer is issued and a signature required for the personnel file.

  • We have our employee policies on line in a downloadable document. We have employees sign hard copies that they have read and understand the policies. We have language in the document which says ER can change the policies but we always have sign off that they read the changes when we do.
  • I would very much like to see a sample of what the hardcopy document your employees must sign looks like. We would like to implement a similar procedure. Thank you.

    >We have our employee policies on line in a
    >downloadable document. We have employees sign
    >hard copies that they have read and understand
    >the policies. We have language in the document
    >which says ER can change the policies but we
    >always have sign off that they read the changes
    >when we do.

  • We have our employee handbook on the intranet. Here is the text from our hard-copy acknowledgement form:

    [Company Name] Employee Handbook
    Acknowledgement Form

    I acknowledge that I have read and understand the policies and procedures outlined in [Company Name]’s Employee Handbook that is located on the [Company Name] intranet. By providing access to the employee handbook on the intranet, the company expressly revokes any and all previous policies and procedures which are inconsistent with the current [Company Name] Employee Handbook.

    I agree to conform to the rules, policies and regulations of [Company Name] as described in the employee handbook. I understand that the policies, procedures, rules and benefits described are subject to change and may be revised based on company circumstances. I understand that future changes will supersede or eliminate those found in this handbook, and that employees will be notified of such changes through normal communication channels. As an employee of [Company Name], I understand that I should direct any questions regarding the employee handbook to my manager, any member of the [Company Name] management team or a representative from Human Resources.

    I also understand and agree that the information contained in the handbook does not constitute an employment contract between [Company Name] and me, and that either [Company Name] or I may terminate our employment relationship at any time, with or without cause.

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