Fluctuating Pay Dates??

I had an employee ask the question regarding legal requirements of pay dates and I can find very little regarding law/requirements.

Here's the situation, the employee's spouse is paid every other Thursday, direct deposit, deposits have always been in their account on "payday Thursday". But, the last pay day, deposits did not occur until the following Monday. The Wednesday prior to pay day, the payroll employee's child was ill so she was unable to work. Then on Thursday and Friday she was attending a work related event/retreat. So she finished payroll on Monday and direct deposits occurred that day.

Does Minnesota have a law regarding employers maintaining their pay dates? I know there can always be issue out of the employers control, major computer failure, etc.


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  • This is obviously a smaller company or would have a "back up" in place.
    I don't have a plant in MN so don't know. I would recommend picking up the phone and calling the dept. of labor. They will tell you.
    E Wart
  • I am sorry, but I think that this is rediculous! What if the employee gets hit by a truck? Do employees simply go unpaid?

    We have only 14 employees, and I do the payroll. But if something happens to me, my boss (President and CEO) is trained on the system and could get payroll out in a pinch.

    Sorry. Just had to let off some steam.

  • I have to agree with Nae...Your company (big or small) really needs some sort of contingency plan for all vital systems/operations, such as and especially payroll. A lot of folks do live from payday to payday and even a payday just a few days late can make a big difference in how they live.
  • The more I think about it the more I agree. Maybe the one day sick is understandable and caught the company unaware, but then s/he is allowed to go off to a retreat for two days while people go unpaid? This just makes no sense. I bet there were no other co-workers at this retreat...

    I'd be interested in what the original poster finds out. I wouldn't be surprised to find out this was a violation of the law.

    End of rant...
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