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I have an employee that wants access to he personal file. She wants to make copies of all the documents she has signed since she started working with the company.
I think she might want to copy the non-compete agreement. The Employee Handbook doesn't specify making copies. Any way around this?


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  • I'm not sure why you would not allow an employee to view/copy his/her file.  Here in Oregon, employees have a statutory right to make copies of their personnel file.  You will want to check your state's laws.
  • Thanks for your query. While specific laws vary from state to state, employees generally have the right to examine their own personnel files, subject to reasonableness restrictions (e.g., you would not have to open the office at 5 am to allow an employee to do so; would not have to let someone take the file home for a month, etc). If the employee wants copies of specific documents she has signed, you can offer to make those copies at your end.

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