Will companies revise their employment agreement?

Hi I am considering taking an offer but the employment agreement I have been handed seems really harsh in terms of non-compete if my employment with the company were to terminate (much moreso than any other company I have ever joined).  Are companies generally open to revising this agreement?  Is it a warning signal that I should not join if they are being so harsh?


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  • Each state has it's own version of NCAs and often some are even non-enforceable based on state law no matter what the employer writes. I would strongly suggest taking yours to a local attorney who specializes in employment law to see where it stands. Even if un-enforceable, it would take some legal wrangling to get out of it in the end.

    I applaud that you are actually reading it and looking at the consequences first. Many people don't and then ask how to get out of it later.

     As to whether they will revise it?  That just depends on the company itself and how badly they want you on board. if you are in a market where there are 100s of people applying for the same job that is different than if you are a specialist and hard to find.  In that case, often you can write your own ticket.  Some require everyone to sign the exact same thing....others might negotiate.

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