Please help - student HR interview assignment

Hello everyone,

I am a student at Central Michigan University, enrolled in an HRM course. I must interview a human resources professional. I work full-time and have a family aside from my studies, so I really don't have time to perform a formal, sit-down interview. Would anyone be so kind as to provide me with brief responses to the following questions? I will be very grateful.

1.    Name, position, years and type of experience in HR
2.    How did you decide to become an HR professional?
3.    What were your greatest challenges when you started? What strategies did you use to meet those challenges?
4.    Describe the organizational cultures of the places you’ve been employed and how they helped or hindered your HR work.
5.    What are your greatest challenges today? What strategies do you use to deal with them?

THANK YOU in advance to anyone who responds. Any assistance is much appreciated.


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  • 1. Joseph J. Giampa : Human Resource Advisor : I have been in the HR field for over 40 years: Have run HR org for a major Corp. for many of those years ( 10 to 12 thousand employees) and HRA for small business including: colleges, public and private organizations.

    2. Enjoyed psychology studies in college but did not like clinical so choose business as in HR.

    3.Started in a highly technical company and my greatest challenge was to show the value of employee well-being and their contribution to the bottom line.

    4. The cultures I have worked with were quite varied: technical, public( political), educational, private (large and small). In almost every case the biggest benefit and the greatest challenge was to train management in leadership skills to more effectively motivate employees. 

    5. Maintaining the most effective relationships: Management, Employees and the Federal, state and local government. 

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