Preparing for my replacement??

Hi, I am the sole HR practitioner for a mid sized law firm. As the HR manager I think it's my duty to have a plan in place that can be used to help my replacement get up to speed and not have to re-learn everything I did.  I'm not looking to leave anytime soon & I love my job. I just think it fair to the Partners that if I leave and don't have time to train a new manager, all my knowledge doesn't disappear with me.

I'm thinking about just sitting down and documenting all the major functions and tasks I perform (which is everything HR related here), through flow charts and related word documents.  I'm looking for tips or ideas about how I may best do this, or other ways I should go about it.  

I don't have an HRIS, but I've gotten the HR dept pretty much paperless at this point.

Thanks all for your input.


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