Employee ID badge printing

I run HR dept for a small family owned company, just little over 150 people. We grew double last year which is a nice problem to have these bad economy days. Because of that the owner decided that all employees must get photo id badges to wear on site and when visiting the clients. I started with paper laminated badges but the owner wasn't impressed  . Then I found a ID badge printer with software on the web only to figure out out IT staff refuses to support it (to tell you the truth they're a bit hard headed but owner trusts them so I can't win that battle and I admit they're very busy here). ID badge printer seller offers support (phone + visit if needed) but I can't picture myself crawling under the printer and finding secret hatches. I've done it couple of times with our Xerox copier without success.
My latest idea is to order ID cards online from this company quickidcard.com , it would be less expensive than a printer. I'm concerned about sharing employees data with third parties and not sure if the management approves it yet I'm petrified by the idea of handling a printer as I'm not very tech savvy person. 
Has anyone been in similar situation and can advise me? I just don't want to make wrong decision and regret it for years.
I'm sorry if the post is long and hope it's in the right section. I'm just an HR girl and this project becomes overwhelming; we just hired another HR person, fresh out of school and I already feel I'm sometimes treating her worse that I would wanted to be treated if was her. I'm getting behind the schedule with this project. Sorry for sharing the frustration.
I appreciate your replies
Thank you
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