Grants for Implementing Health/Wellness Program

Hi Everyone, 

I really need some help  on this one [:)]. I have been with my company for about 1.5 months and had heard about the 200M in federal grants that were available to small businesses (<100 employees) that implemented a health/wellness program under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act- Section 10408. After doing additional research (it was hard to find any information on it, I searched the net for days and ended up finding the deadline on the BLR website) I found that this specific program had a deadline of Aug 8, 2011. I have the following questions:

1) Does anyone know if there will be an additional time frame to apply or was that the only opportunity or window to apply for this?

2) Does anyone know of any additional grants available if employers implement a health/wellness plan?

My company is currently researching info on obtaining a private group health plan and although I know a health/wellness plan would assist in bringing premiums down, I wasn't sure if there are any other grants available to assist with the cost of a comprehensive wellness plan.



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