Help - Outside Dealer and Workplace Violence

Hello, I am hoping someone out there will be able to give me some insight on this matter I am encountering.


We have have dealer who we buy and sell equipment to. We also repair his equipment (mainly because no one else will for him). He has come in drunk, smelling like booze and caused trouble because of something he did not agree with. He was asked to leave the premise and he did. Then we had another instance where we were picking up equipment at his location and he was drunk and smelling of booze again and upset. We had internally banned him from our work place. Now some time has gone by and he has asked us several times to repair his equipment and we have denied him. Now, he has a piece of equipment we need desperately. We know how he is, but feel for the most part he is harmless, but do not want to take an chances. We do have a "Violence in the Work Place" policy in place. I know making this guy sign any paper will be meaningless, but I am trying to cover our company from potential liability. We have spoke with the employees and they all feel fine with him coming back. But I would like to know what suggestions anyone would have regarding if we should make him sign a document stating he agrees to behave in a professional manner etc etc etc.


Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.




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  • It doesn't really matter what the guy signs if he breaks your employee's nose, given that you have already acknowledged to your employees that you are concerned about this guy presenting a risk of violence.  Consider using an intermediary to pick up and deliver equipment.  If that is feasible, then insist that all communication be written (hard or electronic) or by phone, because he is not permitted on your premises for violating the company's drug and alcohol free workplace policy, and because his behavior has intimidated some employees.
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