Moving Me!!!!!

Ok, I have a question and just want some feedback. I have been moved to several locations within my company. I was originally in one department, when I got hired into the company 4 yrs ago and that department slowed down. So I was moved to another. Now, when I was moved to the other...I wasn't on the pay scale of that department at all. They gave me a 59 cent increase to get me at the minimum for that department after a year of doing the work. Now a year and a half later they asked me if I could move to my old (1st department) because the project that I was handling was coming back into effect. Now I did say yes I would do that. Now, they have moved me again after the project slowed down again to a completely different department because I told them I didn't like the people that I worked with in that department. Now, the project is coming back from the 1st department and they want to move me AGAIN! Now, can they keep doing this without giving me some type of fair increase since the account is personally asking for me? I am tired of moving and it's getting on my nerves! I am helping the company to avoid missing monies by filling in for these departments but I'm not being compensated for all this moving and special work.


Any advice would help! thank you!


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