Employee Aptitude/Assessment Testing - Any Recommendations

Good Afternoon,

I have been asked by our VP of Operations to have his subordinate take an aptitude/assessment test to see how well they would fit into a Warehouse Manager or Sales position.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a vendor?  Thanks!


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  • Whatever vendor you use, ensure that they (1) claim to be compliant with EEOC Uniform Guidelines on Selection, (2) will defend you against a lawsuit resulting from use of their instraument, and (3) Will provide you with a certificate as named insured in the event their test results in an award of damages.

    Anything with links in it seems to get banished to a ten day wait for evaluation by BLR staff lately, so I will just say that you can G00gle "eeoc uniform guidelines on selection" to find information.  Start with EEOC or BLR before looking elsewhere.

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