Recruiting on Twitter, Linkedin & Other Social Media Sites

I am novice when it comes to posting jobs on social media sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, and etc. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this and which are the best to use for an inside sales position?


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  • It's hard to jump right in and start recruiting with social media.  If nobody is in your LinkedIn network, following your tweets, or "likes" your facebook page, then nobody will see your recruitment message.  If yo uwant to go in that direction, you have to make the pages and give people a reason to visit there.
  • You can purchase a recruiting package through Linked In that will allow you to post jobs and search for people in the entire Linked In network and not just those in your network.  It is expensive and it is time consuming.  I have not had much success with it in the past, but I know some people at other companies that have had great success.  They said the key is devoting the time to make it work.  When I was using it, I wasn't putting as much time into it.  I am considering trying it again and having one of my staff members focus on it.
  • Thanks, IT, that's good to know.  I do not personally know any person who has had much luck with LinkedIn as a job seeker.  If it turned out to be a good tool for finding qualified candidates, I would like to know more details about how to make it work.
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