Background Check Companies

I am looking at the a bunch of different background check companies.  Was curious as to what company you are using and what you like and dislike about the company.



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  • We use BIG - Business Information Group.  It is online, very user friendly and the turnaround time is 1-3 days usually unless they have to investigate a court record.  It then takes about 5 days.  We do not use the employment verification part with them as it seems they can't get any more information than we do by phone.  But the credit part is available for you to view within 10 minutes or so after inputting the information, so that helps as we are a bank.
  • We use Intelius and are pleased with them.  The turnaround is quick and we haven't had any significant issues.  We used to use Kroll and they were abysmal.  I have also used Checkpast in past positions and found them to be quite competent.
  • We use Castlebranch.  Very quick turnaround and if I have an issue, very prompt resolution.  It is web based which I love.  They are based out of NC.
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