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We are looking over the process of where we are advertising?  We currently do only our company website,, and  We find that monster and careerbuilder are not as effective as they used to be.  We are looking for other websites that we may advertise on.  We are a a not-for- profit financial institution that recruits for front-line employess such as Tellers, Member Service Reps, Telephone Member Service Reps, and other back office positions.  Majority are entry level position but from time to time higher level positions.  For example, at this point we have a Lending Manager position and we have not had any success getting resumes from monster and career builder.  I would appreciate any feedback and any websites that may be out there that we can advertise on.  


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  • I have had vastly improved results using craigslist compared to monster and careerbuilder.
  • Have you looked to see if there is any financial industry specific sites?  I am in the IT industry and there are sites specifically for IT like that I use. 
  • I agree that Craigslist is a great way to get entry level people and the fact that it is free to post open positions doesn't hurt either.
  • There is a really fantastic resource called that I've tried.  They're unique to,,, and sites of this nature, in that each of their users are initially background checked to ensure that the interactions on their platform are legitimate and the people are trustworthy.  They verify the following information about their clients: education, financial, employment, residential, and criminal histories.  They have also integrated a personality test similar to the Myers Briggs so that companies searching for staff can really get an accurate picture of the type of employee the person will be.  

    I believe they charge close to $1,000 for companies to use their service and will assist you in staff aug and recruitment efforts if you choose that route.  They also offer advertisement opportunities, though I do not know much about this part of their service and the fees associated.  I would recommend touching base with them about your needs.

    Hope this helps. 

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