Gossip About Suspension

I need some advice!  How do you handle gossip that was started by an employee who was suspended for violation of company policy?  Some of our managers want to send a companywide email saying that the employee was suspended and the policy he broke hoping to end the rumor mill.  I do not agree with this!  The discipline process should be handled in a confidential manner.  My response to the managers is to ask the employees (who are asking) if they would like their mistakes published for the entire company to read.  Please help on how I can convince them this is not the right thing to do!  Thanks!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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  • Your instinct is spot on. If the employee is named then he could have multiple claims -- intentional infliction of emotional distress, constructive discharge, slander/libel (at least he could make the claim, truth is an absolute defense to slander/libel). If the company is worried that the policy is being misunderstood, it could issue a policy statement/memo from HR highlighting the policy and how it will be enforced (but not naming any specific employee).  I would advise supervisors that they are not to discuss personnel matters with other employees -- and to do so is a violation of employee privacy/company policy. I would also advise supervisors to tell employees to focus on the work (not the gossip) -- and refer any further question to HR. That should put a stop to it.
  • I totalty agree with response 10149. If this is a small enough company and you have regular staf/employee meetings you might want to discuss with them the fact that complaining to one another does not help them get good info about their concern. They should speak with their supervisor and/or HR. The only they get from discussing their issues with one another is increased gossip and to become more upset.


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