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Do you have any recommendations on where to send your retail buyers to get trained?  I've searched online, but there aren't many options available.  I appreciate any feedback.



 HR Training Honolulu 


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  • You have a few options regarding buyer training programs.

     The first and most cost effective method is to have whoever used to do your buying train the new person.

    The second is to send them to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Desgin & Merchandising)

    The third is to send them to a four year University degree program (Ive heard Washington State has a great program)

    The fourth is for them to intern or shadow someone at another company.

    The fifth... trail by fire. Send them out there and see what they can do :)


    I know none of these options seem great, but most retail buyers get their start in the retail world from a sales level or through scholastic training and spend a few years training underneith a more expereinced buyer who teaches them the ways of the retail world. I hope this helps!

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