Interviewing - Best Practices

interviewing/discussing future opportunities with potential employers what
would you say are the Best Practices regarding the feedback timeline (good or
bad) from potential employers?


The interview process continues
further than the typical process (3 separate meetings over a 1 month
time-frame) , what type of "wait-time" should exist prior to
contacting the potential employer? Or should this be a sign to continue without
contacting them? (up to two weeks or longer after the 3rd meeting)


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  • Have you followed up after each meeting to say thank you for taking the time to meet with me to each person involved?  You want to show your level of interest just as much as the employer does.   I like it when a candidate follows up with an email or letter after a meeting to say thank you and let me know they are still interesed in the position.  Now, there are other extremes when a candidate contacts you every day or every other day that really starts to drive you nuts as an employer. 

    If it has been two weeks or longer since the last meeting, I would contact them to say you are still interested and look forward to hearing from them soon regarding a decision on the position.



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