do you pay for home internet access?

Hi -- quick question:

do you pay for home internet use for employees who work from home (e.g field sales employees)?   How about for employees who work primarily from an office or plant? 




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  • We don't at present, but we are not a sales organization.  We have corporate offices, and room for all staff; we consider allowing people to work from home a benefit that we are willing to accommodate, but not necessarily something we need, or want to promote.  If it rose to the level of a condition that we required, or wanted to incentivize ( for a business reason, like it freed up needed office space, or eliminated the need to pay for office space), then we would probably pay for it as part of a policy of paying for home office expenses.

     †he only time we ever paid for home internet use was when we were doing building-wide renovation and shuffling people in and out of their offices while we performed the renovation work.  Having people work at home was in the best interest of the organization, so we did reimburse folks for certain home office expenses, like internet access.

  • We do not, but we do not have anyone assigned to work from home on a regular basis. Employees who have a need to work from home on a limited basis must apply to do so - and we provide supplies - but they have to have IT sign off on the computer equipment they will be using (including the virus protection program) before they can be allowed to access our information from home.
  • We do not currently pay for this, although we do have a couple people that have been given air cards for their laptops, so that they can use them when they are with customers, at conferences and other meetings on the road. 

    I actually work from home a couple of days a week and haven't even thought about asking to get reimbursed for my home internet (I would have it at home whether I was working at home or not).  I guess I look at it from the perspective that I am grateful that my President allows me to work from home a couple of days a week.


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