Re: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

This will obviously be a hot topic. I cannot agree with a blanket statement about illegal immigrants not being granted amnesty. On the other hand I cannot agree with a blanket amnesty. It is more a matter of humanitarianism than anything else to me. How can that be accomplished? I can't abide tearing families apart for some imaginary overly extended sovereignty. I can't view any person as less worthy of human dignity because our proudness as a nation convinces us we are better. Well I'll stop there.

However I need to add this. I am not saying anyone that has posted here has risen to the level, or said or intimated what I have spoken here. I am saying that my observance on a national level I have seen a rise in intolerance and out right vengeance that has more to do with racism than with any application of immigration law. Nothing outside of extermination of all but their kind will satisfy them. It makes me sick. I know I will be disagreed with perhaps vehemently so, but I won't turn this forum into a political battle field. I have strong feelings and have said them and will respect the comments of others. [:#]

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