Firearms at work (for safety reasons)

Does anyone have any advice or policies to share about the possession of firearms in the workplace?  Some of our employees may/will be exposed to wild animals in their positions and could possibly have the need to protect themselves. 

Is this something we should be providing for them?  If so, suggestions on how to distribute? What policies or insurances should we have in place?  Currently they bring their own (licensed and trained) but I see this being something we should possibly monitor more closely.

Any info you have would be helpful to get me started.  Thx


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  • I would guess that an employer who knowingly permits its employees to carry concealed firearms also takes a significant degree of responsibility for employee conduct with firearms, especially when the employer equates the posession of the firearms with workplace safety.

    How much risk you assume has a lot to do with where these wild animals might be shot.  Are we talking wild dogs in urban areas surrounded by people or are we talking ferral hogs in the middle of a 15,000 acre ranch?

    Another factor I would consider is how much screening you are doing to ensure you don't have whackos with firearms.

    You should seek counsel for details and state-specific obligations.

  • Another thing you have to consider is state law regarding carrying a concealed weapon. There are some states that are very lenient on this and other states that are very strict.  So this all may be a mute point if your employees can not get the concealed weapon permit.

    I would look at this very closely, even if your state is lenient on the concealed weapons law.  Is this absolutely necessary?  You are going to need a large amount of insurance for this.  Also, you are going to want to think about training.  I would not want an employee carrying a weapon for you as the employer without knowing that they had been through some proper training with the weapon and repeat training each and every year.   Also, what is going to be your policy on why an employee can use the weapon? 

    This is an issue that I would take to an attorney to see about all the legalities, policies and procedures you need to go through to do this.


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