Smelly Coworker

We have an employee who is the "smelly kid in class". He works an overnight shift with 1-2 other individuals in close quarters at a datacenter facility. It's unbearable for the coworkers to work with him in a hot aisle of a server area or standing close to him at any point. The mgr has tried sending out general hygiene notices to all techs to hint at this as well as encourage everyone to leave a clean shirt and deodorant in their locker. There is also a shower on site. He's mentioned things to this individual specifically as well but it appears he hasn't gotten the hint. Any suggestions for next steps to take here?


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  • Are you certain that it is merely BO?


    There are odor causing health issues that are covered by ADA.

  • As difficult as it may be it is time to have a conversation with the ee. Yes it may be health related so you must have  care about how you speak to this ee. Make it private and use an individual that possess compassion and tact. Make the conversation interactive. Maybe the ee really does not know. Keep the conversation confidential.

     Does your company have a clothing/uniform -hygiene policy? Hedging will not help the ee or the others subjected to the odor.

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