Two Brokers - Each Represent Different Carriers

Has anyone ever heard of having two insurance brokers? 
For example, someone asked me if it was ethical to have one broker represent Cigna and Aetna and the other represent United and Humana. 
I am not comfortable with this but they wanted to create a little competition because we feel our current broker is becoming complacent because of the long standing relationship we have with them.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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  • I had a similar issue this year with my new company and the broker becoming less engaged and essentially not providing the support we needed.  However, I have not heard of one broker representing one carrier and another, another carrier.  From my understanding, a broker can carry just about any carrier out there.  It would raise a red flag in my mind if they push a particular carrier that may not provide the best coverage for your employees.  Seems to be a biased offering that I would not want to be a part of.  I would simply initiate with a reputable broker and have them shop you to all carriers.  Competition is good but I would not suggest segregating the carriers to different brokerage firms.
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