Attn: IT_HR - I need your assistance

Good morning IT -

 I was hoping I could speak with you about recruitment efforts you have taken in the past related to IT.  I too recruit heavily for my company (IT outsourcing firm) and am in need of a Senior Voice Engineer (Cisco).  I have had a heck of a time finding one both through recruitment firms and my own personal search.  Hoping perhaps you have tried an avenue in the past that may be a good recommendation for me as well.  Thank you for your assistance!

Also, anyone else on this forum that may have suggestions for this level of search, please feel free to offer opinions!  Thank you all!


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  • SubGrapHR - I use a bunch of different recruiting sources to fill my IT positions - Careerbuilder,, Linked-In, and Jobfox.  The majority of my success lately has come from Careerbuilder and  It seems like there is a lot of resumes out there, but I am also looking for highly specialized individuals, which don't seem to be on the market.  The ones that do seem to be on the market are more IT generalists, sys admins, etc.  One of the avenues I have been pursuing lately is utilizing the resources we have with our vendors/partners. If you are looking for a Cisco engineer, does your company have a good relationship with the channel partners at Cisco?  If so, then have them help you look for good people.  My vendors/partners know that if they have another vendor/partner that is laying off good solid employees that we will be one of the first people to look at those laid off employees resumes.  I talk to these vendors/partners on a regular basis and they know that I am going to ask them if they have heard about any good engineers looking for a position.  It really is about networking and who you know. 

    I haven't had any success with recruiting firms lately.  I have key word searches that send me resumes every night from both Careerbuilder and Dice so as soon as someone posts a resume with the skill set or certifications I am looking for the resume is emailed to me.  I then can contact the candidate within less than 24 hours after they post their resume. 

    Hope this helps.  Let me know if you so more assistance.

  • Thanks IT.  This helps in that it affirms that most of my recruitment strategies are in line with what others are doing.  You are 100% correct in that the highly specialized individuals just do not seem to be on the market at this time.  We do maintain good relationships with the Cisco partners but sadly, the avail of candidates has been sparce at best.  Rightfully so, they are not laying off the talen that we actively seek (I wouldn't either!)  I have been utilizing one IT recrutiment firm that has provided me solid results and the lead recruiter there is knowledgable and responsive.  She has provided me with more top level folks than any other avenue I have searched.  If you are interested in her, let me know and I will pass her info.  Granted fee paying is not the highlight of the day but sometimes it is what I, and others, are brought to.

    Careerbuilder has yielded very nice results, I have been pleased thus far.

  • We use craigslist with great success for high level IT/tech positions
  • [quote user="bsaxton"]We use craigslist with great success for high level IT/tech positions


    Same here.

  • It's funny how different people have different levels of success with the same recruiting sources. I have had no luck any of the times I have posted to craigslist.


  • I agree. Craigslist was a nightmare for me. DICE on the other hand helped me fill the position within 1 week.  That is the source I use not for Tech positions, all other I go through careerbuilder
  • Good morning,

     I've been in the same boat and it seems as if we've been scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Online searches (Craig's List, Monster, etc.) seem to be too generic.  I did contact a small recruiting firm out of Sun Valley, ID (I can see their office from my window), and had great luck.  They just offered me several people who know Visco Voice, CCVP, CCIE, and are CCNP certified.  Let me know if you're interested and I'll email you my contact's information. 


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