Re: BOGUS HR Complaint Filed against Me by Team member - What are my rights

[quote user="NYGiants"]The best advice I can give you (and you most likely won't like it), is to sit tight during any investigation, let it play out. If the complaints are false, then the investigators should come to a reasonable conclusion. The biggest risk here is the risk of retaliation by you (real or perceived) against the complaintant during an active investigation. Even if the original complaint proves to be false, any retaliation would be easier to prove and most likely be your down fall. It is difficult to be the target of a complaint, but the process of investigation should bring the correct result.[/quote]


Also, and you won't like this if being asked matter-of-fact questions about alleged events is so upsetting to you, but you may well not realize that you have intimidated people, referred to someone by their ethnicity, or were perceived to be pushing someone when you accidentally bumped them.  I believe that you believe that those things have not happened.  The purpose of the investigation is to find out if they did, in fact, happen, and that often cannot be determined by simply asking the accused but that's typically the starting point.  Sometimes people do say, "Yes, I called him a Mexican.  He is Mexican, isn't he?" and they don't really realize that there may be a problem with that

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