Fire in the workplace

One of our bank branches caught on fire this weekend.

This is my first major disaster. Can someone share a checklist of some sort?

The fire occured when no one was in the building thank goodness.  So we are dealing with only property damage.

Are we required to pay hourly personnel that can not work due to the fire?  What about salaried personnel?


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  • I don't have a checklist for you, but here are a few things. 

    1.  You are not required to pay hourly employees. As far as salaried employees, if they work at all during the week then you are required to pay them.

    2.  Is there a way that these employees can work at another branch that is close to their homes?  Depending on how long it will be before you are able to get them back to work, you may lose them if it is going to be a long time.  Remember, times are tough right now and most people can not go even a couple of weeks without pay.  And to top it all off it is the holiday season so pockets are stretched even further.  You will go along way in the goodwill to your employees if you can help them continue their income by having them work at another location. Also think about your customers.  If you can direct your customers to another branch (I know a lot of banks have regulars at one particular branch) and they can see some familiar faces, they are more likely to go that little extra distance and you are not as likely to lose customers.



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