I am curious about something. We have a hospital wanting to do everything on our new hires, titres, all medical, including eye test and things we don’t do. They also want to perform the background check for themselves. Since they are not the employer, wondering what our ground is on this.

 We already do all of the above ourselves and maintain the documents yearly.  We even provide copies to the Account/Hospitals at their request.

Can the account/Hospital do this or is it a HIPPA vioaltion of some sort??


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  • What relationship do you have with the hospital exactly?Are you contracting/leasing employees to this hospital?  You say they are not the employer, but possibly by doing some of these tests/checks, they may be placing themselves in a co-employment relationship.  Or are you talking about outsourcing this to them?

    As for HIPAA, I would want to see their "onboarding" process on who has access to any results that would fall under HIPAA -- just as you maintain control of who has access at your company. 

    Honestly I would suspect that a hospital's HIPAA policy, procedures and disciplines to be much much more stringent than a non-medically related firm.  Obviously they think so too or they wouldn't be requesting to do this themselves.  But I also have to wonder about their reasoning behind wanting to take on this HR liability. They must have a good reason for wanting to do so and I would want to know what it was before ever agreeing to it.



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